I wanted to write a quick shout out to myself for flying alone with the two kiddos a week ago.  Go me!

blue ribbon

I know that some moms do this regularly, and I admire them with every bone in my body.  I don’t think I realized how scared I actually was about taking the trip on my own until it was over.  It was like a 2 ton weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
To be honest, I was lucky on both 3 hour flights:  Lebowski slept for small chunks on each flight … something Jumping bean never did. We sat next to very kind women both flights who were so kind and genuine to my little jumpy angel.  I had also purchased the movie Frozen on my tablet.

Have I mentioned that I now believe Frozen is the greatest movie EVER, and that I might have to send Disney a check for keeping my daughter interested for both flights that weekend?  No joke.  I remember thinking how ridiculous the cost of purchasing it to download on the tablet seemed to me, but doing it in a frantic move of desperation the night before our trip.
Oh, how wrong I was.  That $14.99 download fee was the best money I have spent in long time!!  It provided about an hour and 45 minutes of true enjoyment for both Jumping bean and myself, and I could not have asked for more.  Pure gold. If you asked me today what I might have paid for that movie download in retrospect, I might say $100 … and I would not be lying.  I have had Frozen songs in my head 24/7 since that trip, but every time I catch myself complaining about it in my head … I stop myself with a quick, “STOP that complaining this instant!!  That movie was your saving grace … you would have been toast without it on that plane!  If the songs are stuck in your head, so be it, and shut up your ungrateful unconscious right now!  Fool.”
Either way, I flew alone with 2 kids, and I had to be proud of myself.  It might sound silly to many people, but I had to take a minute to give myself a pat on the back.
To all you mamas that do this regularly… I would like to give you a proverbial medal of travel and toast in your honor.  That is scary, hard shit, and you rock.