Right now, I can only hear, “MAMAAA!!! My CHAPSTICK!  I need my chaaapstick!!!! Waaaaaaaa!  MAAMAAAA!”  over, and over … and over again.

Jumping Bean is currently in her bedroom screaming and crying because I refuse to repair the second chapstick she’s destroyed since bedtime. That’s right-chapstick. She broke her stuff (again), and I am not going to be the one to fix it for her right now.

Jumping Bean in the Sand Box

I keep telling myself that I’m holding her accountable.

(And don’t worry.  I understand that my beautifully spirited child has a slightly obsessive and unhealthy relationship with chapstick. It’s cool. I’m actually most upset that we are out of wine- that might make the situation a bit easier and more humorous.)

We hold ourselves accountable to get things done every day: a project, housework, dinner, a writing project, whatever.  We try our best to set goals and follow through, but sometimes it’s REALLY hard to stick to your guns.  Life is busy and can be exhausting, and it becomes difficult to accomplish those things.

We all need a little help holding ourselves accountable- at work, at home, as parents, and as partners.  It is part of being in a community and and in relationships, thank goodness.  My hubby reminds me when I’ve been a little bit too ‘nasty’ with my tone during an argument. I try to remind him that the pile of recycling can’t walk itself out the back door.

But often there are times when we need to actually search out people to hold us accountable.  In my line of work we call these accountability partners, and they are great resources during those tough times.

Think about those times when you are at the end of your motivation rope.  You have grocery shopped for the 35th time in 6 months, or maybe you are on the 11th version of a project that just never seems to end.  During those really difficult times, it’s so easy to give up, give in, or just put things off.  When you are at the defeated point, it’s really hard to push forward- you no longer can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Accountability partners can help remind you of your goal, why you started what you are doing, and that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. They are the small little motivated angel on our shoulder trying to cheer-lead as we are struggling to find the drive.

Think about the people in your life- friends, families, and coworkers. Then put a filter on each one: “Who on that list would be able to honestly and kindly hold me accountable when I need it most?”  When you get a short list- you’ve found your possible partners.

From there, approach one of them and ask him or her to hold you accountable about ONE thing: A project, goal, decision, mindset, etc.

I asked 2 people to hold me accountable to doing this blog, and it ended up being crucial because I was so scared.  I constantly chat with 2 specific mom friends about my disciplinary decisions with Jumping Bean. I need someone to help me see when I’m either doing the right thing… or when I need to step up my game and not be so lazy.

We all need someone to knock some sense in us every once in a while and remind us: who we really are, what are limits are, and what really matters.  Take the initiative to get the right accountability partners in your corner, and help them be accountable, too.