image of a wine bottle pouring into a glass of wineAll I can say is, “Ok…I get it! I was NOT supposed to test the universe on this blog before really thinking twice about consequences.  Note taken.”

Since the last post about listening to the universe was written (6 days ago), the following events have taken place:

  1. The last post was sent out as a blank email to all subscribers. Sweeeeet.
  2. I tried to correct it (that night), and I inadvertantly sent out 4 more emails.  We all love being that person, right?
  3. The next day at work was completely defeating and made me question my value the the organization.  BOO.
  4. I tried to cook dinner for the kids, but I sliced my finger badly enough to freak everyone out with my sobbing and cursing…while considering stiches.  At that point my self esteem left on vacation, and I avoided using my hand for 2 days.
  5. The next night, I’m on a walk but apparently forget to lock my phone’s screen before innocently sliding it in my pocket.  While walking, my phone reset itself back to factory settings.  BLANK. Nothing. All gone. Start over.  BREATHE.
  6. I try to “listen” to what the universe is saying.  All I hear is “I WILL DEFEAT YOU! BWAHAHAAHAAA!”
  7. I ride my bike to work one day and am convinced that I’m going to get hit by a car.  I survive. WIN!!!!
  8. I volunteered in the field yesterday, and I fell and twisted my ankle.  Well hell.
  9. Jumping bean might be forming her own militia against me.  EVERYTHING in our daily lives is a battle right now, and defeat is a normal occurrence. Sigh.

Let’s just start by saying there has been plenty of wine  and ibuprofen consumed this week.

So what have I learned?  A few things:  Don’t work on challenging computer programming problems (when you are already technologically challenged) at 10:30 pm; Don’t make dinner when you are rushed and exhausted; Always lock your phone and assume it’s out for mutiny; Defeat will come… again and again, but at least you are trying.

The most valuable thing I learned was how to channel my anger, defeat, and frustration differently.  Because  in the grand scheme of life, those silly things that happened to me are not big deals. They aren’t even problems, when you really think about them. Or they are, but they are what most of us call “first world problems.”

I stopped in the middle of one of my pity parties this week and took a close look at what I was really getting upset over. A glitch in my really nice smart phone? REALLY? Whiner! That my job (that I adore) didn’t go perfectly that day? REEAAALLLY???  Get OVER yourself!!

Yeah- I took that minute to look at things through a different lens. I committed to focus on the things that I’m grateful for while these tiny little inconveniences stop by. Things like:

  • I have had the time and energy to start a creative project that means something to me, and I’m trying new things!  The blog didn’t blow up, and no one was hurt.  Everyone makes mistakes, and I’m grateful that everyone understands that.
  • I am employed at a solid institution in a job that challenges me, provides me room to grow, and allows me to support awesome people.  Oh, did I mention I get paid decently and have a somewhat flexible schedule?
  • I only have a slightly impairing cut on my finger.  I still have my fingers, and in fact I still have all my limbs, by body, my brain, my health, etc, etc.
  • My daughter has enough personality and damn independence to fuel a jet engine, and thank goodness- that will take her far in life, dammit.  She is also healthy and happy (for most people).
  • My phone is not broken, stolen, or damaged.  Oh wait… I nearly forgot:  I have a phone, and enough money to OWN a nice phone in the first place.  Wake up!

Bad crap happens.  A lot of that ‘crap’ we think is so bad – really isn’t.

So in case you have some more curve balls up your sleeve, Universe… I’m trying to keep it positive and understand how to be more grateful.  Thanks – Jamie