We just got back from vacation, and it was glorious.  Glorious because of so many reasons, but mainly because we had HELP. We had fun as a family, but were also able to take breaks from being our work and child bosses.  It was amazing, and I am eternally grateful for those 5 days away from my real life.

One of the most fascinating parts of vacation is recognizing and accepting how differently my brain acts when we are away from “real life.”   After a full day away from house, work, and full kiddo duty, my thoughts slow down. I take a bit more time to notice the small things.  I sleep like it’s my job.  I roll with the punches.  I laugh about the family mishaps and forgetful moments more.  I forget more.  I don’t really care about so many details, and I honestly forget to plan.

My brain takes a total vacation. I stop functioning at top speed and casually forget the 10 home or work projects on my plate.

For me, it is freeing, encouraging, and kind of freaky at the same time.

I have to lose control of a few things in order to gain a new perspective.

My poor over-taxed brain NEEDS a break every once in a while in order to get the bigger stuff done.  Being away from home and work is probably the only thing that really allows my brain to take a full break.

Your legs are amazingly strong muscles, but they can’t run all day and night for weeks and months without a few rest breaks.  The same is true of your brain.  That beautiful rest can give it a chance to re-coop and regenerate.  Giving it a full “time-out” gives it a chance to relax, calm down, and slowly decide to focus on what really matters.

I think my favorite thing about coming back from vacation, (other than the cruel reminder that we live in a house resembling world war three), is how my brain and heart seem to find their focus a bit more naturally.  It’s marvelous.

By letting go of the overwhelmed chaos that had previously taken over, I swept the pathway free for clear and focused thinking.

This morning, I was able to get up and do some yoga before the kids woke up, after MONTHS of pushing the snooze button. Today at work, I was able to focus on what my top priorities were without letting the noise of other silly projects get in the way. I know this is not permanent, but I’m going to try and ride this cleared pathway as long as I can.

And I’m also going to try harder not to wait so long before forcing myself on a kid and work free “vacation”… even if that means an 6 hour break hiding in the woods.

Give your brain a break, folks.  It deserves it, and so do you.