Baby 411 at homeI’m going to make a guess that if you have a child, then there is a very good chance you know of the “Baby 411” book.  If you were like me, you used it like a Bible for the first 3-6 months of motherhood, as you muddled your way through the unknown chaos that was your world.

A really good mentor and friend gave me that book as a gift.  It was an amazing tool that probably saved me hours of internet surfing and frantic doctor’s calls.  She never told me I had to read it, but simple guided me to the resource.  She was, and continues to be, a key “mom coach” in this road through Motherhood.

Now stop for a second.

Think about your personal and professional support networks:

  • Do you have a few people who are those “coaches” or mentors for you?
  • Who wants to see you succeed and is great at helping you find what you need without being pushy or forceful?

When you know who they are—make a mental note. Keep that mental note handy, and talk with those people often about your goals, struggles, and frustrations.

Those people are your cheerleaders.

I have a few cheerleaders in my life… some of them from my professional world, and others from my mom world. I was lucky enough to meet up with one last week, and she coached me to the point of realizing something:

Helping other people be the best version of themselves is something that I am extremely passionate about.  It something that motivates me EVERY DAY.

That being said, she helped me realize that it’s time to start really making this “coaching thing” intentional. I have been coaching people in my job and my personal relationships for years without realizing exactly what I was doing. It’s actually part of my job now, and I love it.

I am announcing to everyone (including myself) that I will officially start coaching people INTENTIONALLY. This means:

  1. I am looking for willing “coachees” to work with
  2. Until I start doing this as a real side job, I’m super cheap.
  3. Super cheap = FREE

If you’re even a tiny bit interested to work with me in a coaching capacity, you can do this completely free for the next 6 months.  We can focus on improving aspects of your career, relationships, or just overall life “stuff.”  (We can also spend time talking about how sick teething babies and combative toddlers cause you to question why you had kids. Oh wait… that’s just me.)

I only ask one thing in return:  Leave a comment (or email me at stating what topic you REALLY wish I would write about on Inner Diving Board.  Work, personal… I don’t care.  Tell me what you want to read!

If you take the time to give me some feedback below, I will reach out to you with the offer of a free coaching session (in person, on the phone-whatever!).  From there, you and I can determine how many more FREE coaching sessions we can plan on having.

I want to be your cheerleader, because it makes me happy.

Cheesy, but so freakin’ true.

What do you want me to write about, and how can I help you?