I was lucky enough to take a 20 minute walk today … alone.


It reminded me of all the reasons that taking a break, pushing “pause,” and taking a walk are so good for our minds, souls, and bodies.

That being said, I think we should all make a goal of taking a walk today. Let me justify why a quick walk can boost your brain, body, and soul:

Your Body Needs It

Walking is one of the simplest and most reliable forms of exercise that can strengthen muscles, improve heart and vascular health, reduce the risks of certain cancers and osteoporosis, improve blood pressure, reduces mental decline, can reduce insomnia, and can boost your mood.

Do you really need more than that?

Your Brain Needs It

I read that walking can sometimes serve as a kind of meditation.  For those of us that haven’t yet mastered the art of meditation… why not try another form?  You can be silent, focus on a thought or intention, or just tune out to the world around you.

Often, the BEST way for us to regain focus on something we are working hard on is to step away.  We need to force our brains to stop thinking about that one project or problem for 10 minutes, and give it a chance to rest. Our brain needs breaks, too.

Looking for a way to really challenge yourself? Don’t bring your phone, and walk truly alone.  You will be forced to navigate those pockets of your brain that have been hiding behind the social media chatter, text conversations, and emails. Your brain will thank you.

Fresh Air Soothes the Soul

Without fresh, clean air, none of us would be here.  We spend more and more time indoors… and often forget how great outdoor air flow can be.  A good dose of fresh air increases the amount of oxygen flowing to your blood and brain, which can have huge impacts on our health and well being.

Deep breathes of fresh air can boost your immune system, help cleanse your lungs, soothe your nerves, brighten your mood, clear your mind, improve digestion, and boost your brain’s ability to perform.

Remember Natural Beauty

Another side effect of us often being “stuck” inside, is that we have forgotten that natural beauty can be found almost anywhere.  On today’s walk, I took a few minutes to focus on the beautiful things around me.  I was able to see:

  • Fun and crispy piles of brown and orange fall leaves on neighbors’ lawns
  • The sun slowly moving behind the houses
  • How distinct the pine trees appeared now that others have lost their leaves

We are fortunate to be surrounded by nature, but we need to slow down and notice it in the midst of our busy lives.


I’m guessing that one of the biggest things holding you back from a walk are the 300 other things you “should” be doing, right?  The laundry, some kid art project, work, checking email, cleaning your house,… whatever.

I get it- I was there today, too.

But YOU DESERVE  A WALK.  You deserve to take 15 minutes to do something for yourself that might bring joy into your life and improve your health.

You are the one person that can look out for yourself.  Be sure to take care of you, or it will get lost in the shuffle of work, family, kids, dinner, laundry, discipline, commuting, dishes, etc.

Make a goal of taking a 10-20 minute walk today.  You can do it.  I know you can.

Do it for you.