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A few weeks ago, I started to feel like I had lost my mojo.  And then in the middle of last week, I was sure it was gone for good.

I was off my game, losing my confidence, doubting my decisions, and just feeling overwhelmingly doubtful about the actions I was taking.

Over the last few days, I’ve been taking some actions to help re-inspire my “mojo” or “groove” or whatever you want to call it. I think I’m nearly back in the game, but it was only after I took some intentional steps to get there.  In case you are at a point where you feel your “uumph” is gone (for the moment), think about taking one or all of these steps:

It’s common knowledge that self-awareness is the first big step to understanding a problem before you can fix it.   Being honest with your heart and soul is key.  For me, simply telling myself that I knew something was “off” was the first big step.  It’s often easier to deny the hard truth about ourselves, but denying the hard stuff will prevent us from growing.

Admit it and face it. Just like acknowleding it, accepting it is where you realize that you will need to take action in order to fix the problem. You might not know what you need to do yet, but you know something has to be done.

Although you might be in a bad place, try to think about those times when you felt like you were in your groove and killing it.  When were you at your best?  Once you have that time period in your head, dig a bit deeper.  What were you doing that might have helped you be so “on?”  Were you working out, living in a cool apartment, reading amazing novels, going out with friends, etc?  What might you have been doing that was inspiring your soul?

Now that you have thought of a few things that might have worked for you in the past, start trying some of them out! Try that novel, or yoga class, or
night out with friends.  If those don’t work, then start grabbing at whatever you might think could work.  Go to an energy healer (I tried Reiki), meditate, find a new route to work and take it, ask a trusted friend for advice or help, drive to the mountains and stare at a waterfall… whatever!  Just do anything you can that might mix up your energy and bring you back to your true course.

There is a chance this will take time.  Your energy, force, true spirit, or whatever is mixed up inside you is taking a little hiatus… and there might be a good reason.  One thing is true- your groove or mojo is NOT gone forever. It is off track, which is frustrating and defeating.  But it WILL be back, and you might have to spend some time being uncomfortable before it does.  You are human, like everyone else.  And everyone else struggles with this, too.  Spend the time that you need on yourself, and let it happen as a natural human process.

I am happy to say that I think my “Mojo” is back on track, but I’m still not all the way there.

I have accepted it and grabbed at a lot of straws, but I’m happy to be human and growing.

Cheers to learning more about ourselves as we move through life!