This week has not been my favorite.  Hubby has been traveling for work, I am trying my best to NOT let a bunch of balls drop at work, and Lebowski’s little body just can’t stay healthy.  The poor kid is sick with ear infections and croup for like the 37th time this season.  Well, maybe only the 4th, but it feels like the 37th time.

Let me first admit that I’ve had my fair share of “breakdown moments” this week.  Just tonight, the kids witnessed me screaming and stomping in the middle of dinner prep because I dropped some of the cookware I had been using.  Jumping Bean actually looked worried for a minute before she started laughing at me. I then threw a spatula across the room in case I hadn’t made my point. NOT my best mom-week.

Since I try to focus on how to keep things positive in life, this week has proven especially challenging at times. But there is something I’ve used to bring me back from the brink of tears a few times.

It’s very simple, yet pretty effective.

I call it the “How Much Worse Could This Be?” technique.  And it works well when you hit a low point.

lightening strikes

Here are the steps to the “How Much Worse Could This Be?” method:

  1. Spend an acceptable amount of time celebrating at your own personal pity party (which we are all entitled to, by the way).
  2. Make a conscious decision to come out of it.
  3. Describe the details of your sucky situation (EX: I can’t believe my son has croup again,my hubby is gone so I will have to take off of work and I’m so behind, and tomorrow is going to be SO LONG because he will be super cranky all day!)
  4. You then verbally consider every way in which your situation could be worse. It helps to write them down or speak them out loud. (EX: Lebowski could be in the hospital with some unknown disease; Both kids could have croup; I could also be sick; etc… and on and on.)
  5. Take a moment to be grateful for the fact that you are ONLY dealing with what you are dealing with. Be grateful you are healthy and alive enough to deal with the situation you have been handed.
  6. Take a breath, and take another step forward.

And that’s it.  I know it might seem cheesy to you, but it works.  Every time.

Remember to give yourself the freedom to feel a bit bad for yourself first, and vent to those you trust if it helps.  But after you have done those things, it’s time to move on and start shifting your view on the situation.

By focusing on the worst case scenario, you might realize that things aren’t so bad after all.

Because they probably aren’t. Life is beautiful, and you are a beautiful part of it.