SONY DSCDecisions are hard.  It requires choosing which step to take next in a situation. By not deciding, you are making a choice, as well: The choice that the decision doesn’t matter, or the choice that you will no longer have influence over that choice.

This is fear talking.

Taking action on a decision can also be incredibly scary and intimidating. It means you might fail or mess up, or you might have made the “wrong” decision. You don’t know if the next step is the right one, and it requires having faith and making another choice.

But by not taking any steps forward, you are sub-consciously making a choice to do nothing.

You are saying no to change and yes to fear.

Change is hard, messy, scary, and unknown.  But fear, my friends, will debilitate you. Don’t let that be the case, and don’t let fear guide your decisions.

Make your choices work for you, and choose action.

And if you mess up, remember that messing up means you tried and you are learning. It’s called personal growth.

You CAN do it.

You are STRONG.

YOU are worth it.

Remember the quote we all know so well:

Be the change you want to see in the world.