This week’s writing is dedicated to all of my friends and coworkers that might consider themselves to be analytical, extremely conscious of quality, not easily swayed by emotions, and slightly wary of unpredictable social situations. (In the world of Everything DiSC, we would say that you are inclined toward the “C” style.)

You are quite the opposite of me in work style, personality, and tendencies… and I love it. You are the yin to my yang, people.

Do you have anyone in your life that might match one or more of these descriptions?

  • He seems to be overly critical of your work or projects.
  • She doesn’t smile much in meetings or gatherings, and isn’t extremely warm or chatty when being introduced to new people.
  • He sometimes takes a long time to get an answer to you, because he’s taking time “over-analyzing” the options you might have provided.
  • When a new idea is introduced, she immediately shares the potential obstacles or challenges instead of her excitement.
  • You can always count on him for extremely high quality work with little to no errors.
  • And there is a good chance you have someone like this that frustrates you. So how in the world do you understand and relate to these wonderful people?

I am continually asked about these styles in workshops or coaching meetings, and I feel like they are often under represented and misunderstood.

First things first: Let’s focus on HOW the analytical, quality focused individual brings value:

  • They are always thinking strategically and can see any problem and project objectively. They can easily pull out emotions and break down a situation logically to help you make a very objective decision.
  • These people can quickly help you see how to set up a process and organize to support what you want to get done.
  • Are you like me and swayed easily by shiny, new, exciting projects? These people are NOT, and they will help bring you back to reality. They are great at seeing the long term implications of something that seems like a perfect solution.
  • Are you overly chatty? Learn from these individuals to have more influence – they aren’t too chatty and are often only talking if they feel their contributions bring value to others. Therefore, when they speak – everyone listens.
  • They can describe the potential roadblocks before you have even gotten in the car. Some might perceive this as overly critical, but they trying to prevent everyone from wasting time or energy from the start. They value high quality and doing things right the first time around.
  • You don’t enjoy editing documents or spreadsheets? Then work with one of these amazing people! These eagle-eyed individuals can find errors and mistakes more effectively than the rest of us, and they also enjoy it.

Now that we know how they bring value to our work and lives, how can we work better with them?

Try a few of these little tricks and see if they help:

  • If you ask him for input, be sure you want his very objective and non-emotional view of the situation. If you are looking for blind excitement and automatic support, ask someone else.
  • When you want her buy-in for a project, do some homework before approaching her. If you haven’t done any homework on the details of your proposal, she is going to more skeptical of it’s success. Once you have shown her that your justification is sound, she is more likely to get on board with what you are doing.
  • Try to pull the emotion out of your problem or discussion. If you can stick with logic and facts, he is going to be much more receptive to your ideas or concerns.
  • DO NOT put her on the spot to make a very quick decision. Give her time to think things through, and plan in advance.
  • Send him things in advance, and allow him time to prepare before meetings or presentations.
  • Be very specific with time allocations and guidelines. She is naturally analytical and will explore ALL options over a longer period of time if she is not given different expectations. If you want her to spend less time on something, provide very clear expectations.

Feeling any better about someone of this style?

Any other types of people you want me to help you work with? (Comment below and I’ll respond or write another post.)

Your next step is to try out one of these tactics with one of your analytical, quiet, and objective coworkers…and enjoy the results.  Ready… GO!