It’s the night before our country’s election night, 2016. By tomorrow night, we will know if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our next President. There have been ridiculous ads, crazy debates and heated arguments on social media. Both sides of the fence are very passionate about ‘their’ candidate, and most of us are harboring a quiet hatred for the the other.

But what about November 9th? What will that look like for us and our neighbors on the other side of the fence? We have each spent nearly a year showing our extreme passion and sometimes irrational arguments for each of ‘our’ candidates… how will we turn the page grow up a little?

I feel there are a few things I will be taking away from this election experience, no matter who wins.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

No matter who you are voting for, one thing is clear: They have both made a few mistakes. Both of these humans have made human mistakes in their lives, but only one is about to take full responsibility for leading our country. Should he or she be expected to behave better than the rest of us and never make any mistakes? No- That is impossible.

We are all human, have all made mistakes, and we must either own up and apologize for them, or deny they have ever happened. It’s up to us all to do the same when the election night comes to a close.

I Believe We Are Good

Both sides of the fence can claim that the other candidate is trying to “take something away”, “change my life”, or “ruin America.” But I have to believe that down deep, our people – big and small – will work for what they each believe is the best for the country. We will band together, we will fight for what is right, and we won’t let toxic individuals destroy our inner goodness. Most of the people I know in my community are good, kind, and generous individuals… but we aren’t all voting for the same person.

I have faith that after election day, we will all try our best to find common ground and move in a positive direction together.

My Voice Matters

I am a working woman and mother. I can and will vote for Hillary Clinton. The sad truth is that many of my female ancestors could not vote, and their opinion or potential vote had no impact on who would be dictating the state of their lives for the following 4-8 years.

My entire identity and what I cared about as a woman and mother didn’t used to matter, but it does now: What I hope for my children and neighbors, how I want my equally hard earned tax dollars to be spent, and how much control the government has over my body – all of these things matter now.

Casting your vote on November 8th is exercising one of the greatest rights we as American women have today in this country. I have lived in a small village in Africa where a woman couldn’t choose her husband or restrict the use of her body, let alone consider being allowed out of the village to vote for a candidate she might respect. My great grandmother wasn’t allowed to do this either, but no more. Now we have a VOICE. And we have the right to use that voice to choose our next president.

And not only is your vote your own, it’s confidential. No matter who you support verbally and socially, you have the right to choose whomever you want when you are making a choice on your ballot.

USE YOUR RIGHTS, and vote for the candidate you know can lead our country through this divide and into collaboration and growth.

And I have faith that all of our voices might ring stronger and truer than those that aren’t used to being overshadowed.