Today, I’m writing to all of you that might not quite be on the “I’m kicking ASS this year!” train and are feeling a bit fragile. You might have shaken a few screws loose over the holiday break… and you aren’t quite feeling like you are on top of your game right now.

I understand, and I am there as well.

Let’s just be honest about this. When you feel as if you are off your game, it sucks. You know when you are at your best, and you know when you aren’t. And when you feel like you aren’t even able to get close to your best self for more than a few days at a time…it is really defeating. You wonder things like, “Is this how I’ll always be?” or “What is wrong with me?” or “Help!!” I get it.

(For those of you that aren’t in this stage right now, just move along with your day and remember this post for when you get in a slump. Enjoy being “on” now, but know there is a resource for you later!)

If you are there, you are not a terrible person with no motivation or drive. You are just there. And being there is hard, but you kind of have to be ‘there’ before you can come out on the other side.

So what next? Here are a few tips for you as you find yourself navigating this tough stage:


Accept it

This might be the hardest part for you: Admitting that you are off your game and need some personal attention.

For those of you with extremely demanding jobs and families pulling you in multiple directions, this might be especially hard. But the minute you admit to yourself that you are NOT where you want to be mentally, the better chance you give yourself to move through it. A quick read on how to get this to work for you here.


Stay Safe

During these stages, we are usually less resilient, might upset easily, and have a shorter fuse. I’m harder on myself, less flexible, and question nearly everything I do. Not awesome.

I’ve also realized that if I push myself too hard in this stage, I can’t handle it. I crack or break… and find myself even more fragile than before the push.

Knowing you can’t sit in a corner and hide from the world, you can keep your actions and decisions a bit on the ‘safe’ side. For example: This probably isn’t the time to embark on a brand-new dating site, jump into a new and difficult workout routine, or launch into a whole new career without doing your homework. Often, we push ourselves too hard to try and “snap out of it”, but it does more harm than good.

So start small and do what you KNOW makes you happy. Call an old friend or family member that knows you for who you are. Do the exercise that gets you a workout without pushing you to your limit. Avoid taking on that huge project opportunity that might push you over the edge. Get that extra hour of sleep.

It’s ok. I promise you will have amazing times in the future where you conquer these hard situations like you own them… it’s just not today. Ok?


Baby Steps to Mojo

 You’ve accepted it, you are trying to stay safe and keep the expectations realistic. Awesome.

Now what?

Taking small, reliable actions to make it back to your happy place can work. Read some more tips here for how to start taking those steps.

You’ve been here before and will make it through, no matter how terrible it feels right now. I know it.

I have faith, and you should too. Take care of yourself, dear friend.