I often get asked what exactly I do for work, because the term “coaching” is pretty nebulous to many of us. (To be honest, I didn’t even realize I was a coach until I had been doing it for about 2 years!)

Maybe it would help if I let everyone know that even I have a coach. Seriously – I am a coach, and I have my own coach that supports me every few years when it’s important. I call on her when I feel somewhat lost or like I’m on the road to nowhere.

Or… when I’m working like a dog but having a really hard time understanding what I’m accomplishing.

Or… when I feel like I’ve lost my purpose and wonder if I’m still on the right path.

Or… when I am surrounded by challenging people or situations that test my values, patience and strength.

Or… when ALL of those things happen at once. Because isn’t that how it usually works?

What I get most out of working with my coach is her ability to push me outside my comfort zone and hold me accountable for the changes that I want to make. She doesn’t judge me, tell me what to do or inform me of everything I am doing wrong.

Instead, she asks me valuable questions and helps me get to where I know I want to be- deep down. She pulls those deep drives and motivations to the surface, so that I can use them to go in a direction with myself and others. She helps me re-align my actions with my long-term vision for myself and my family.

A few specific instances in when I’ve paid my coach to support me:

  • When I was working in an organization and needed someone to guide me into being a better manager and leader for a department
  • To help me flush out and identify when and how I would eventually leave that job and start building my own business.
  • When running my own business becomes overwhelming and defeating, and I need a “re-boot” to help me understand how to re-align with the goals I started with.

The thing is… there is a chance we could make all these difficult shifts on our own, but it’s often so hard because we are mired in the details of our everyday situations. We can’t see the forest through the trees, because it’s impossible for us to step away and see our lives and situations objectively. A coach can see and understand your situation, but then pull you back on your feet to help you get to where you want to go.

And thank goodness, because often we get so much farther when someone else supports AND challenges us to go there. We need each other.

I get it if you are stuck.

I get stuck… often. And I am just like you in the fact that often I need the support and challenge of another person to help me get un-stuck. Thank heavens for my coach.

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