50% Strategy = Holiday Survival

It’s here again. That magical time of year that drives us all freaking mad. WHY? Well, I, for one… am just about done.

I am trying to put about 50% effort into the holiday this year to see how it goes. And truthfully, I’m happy so far… Want in? If I’ve piqued your interest, below are a few of my personally tested strategies on how you can also be a slacker this holiday:

Let your Kids Decorate

I was blessed with a glorious stomach bug on the weekend I promised my kids we would decorate the house. And do you think they recognize that mom had zero ability to function as a human? NOPE! They were going to decorate the house, dammit! And they did.

Against my better judgement, I let them open all the decorating bins while I laid on the couch and tried to survive. Our house now looks like crazy klepto-elves have decorated (lights on couches, centerpieces in the tree, etc)… and I honestly don’t care. I got 2 unexpected wins out of that experiment: I inadvertently avoided decorating this year, AND I’m no longer worried about my decorating skills being judged, because I didn’t do it!

Take a Year off Sending Holiday Cards

I’m just not doing it this year. Period.

I love so many people and wish them the best of happy holidays, but I love my sleep and sanity more. I let go of the perfect family photo, the late nights creating a “not-too-offensive-to-anyone” holiday card, and the hours addressing cards. I’m saying NO to staying in touch and YES to more rest and laughter this year. Amen.

Find A Gift, not THE Gift

This year, I’ve focused on buying something that I think my loved one will enjoy, but I’m preventing myself from finding THE PERFECT gift for everyone.

I got my kids some new winter hats. They are cute and functional. Are they the warmest? Probably not.  The best quality? Nope. The lowest price and highest reviewed on Amazon? Um, no… I bought them at Marshalls on a whim. But they are hats, dammit, and they will love opening them and using them this winter.

And by not forcing myself to buy the BEST or the PERFECT thing for everyone this year, I am allowing myself to find gift that will keep me sane and make others smile during a special time of year. Period.


I am a pretty good cook at home. And if I wanted to showcase it to everyone on the holidays, I could. But I don’t. Although I home-make about 85% of our dinners, I order pre-made food for the holiday meals. That makes me a fake and a cheat, right?

Wrong. I’m making a choice. I choose to spend my time doing other things while my family is here. I’m choosing NOT to spend 5 hours focused on measuring ingredients and oven timing. And the food is not as good, but I’m twice as happy and well rested. For me, it’s a win.

So what can you choose to outsource this year? Maybe it’s the shopping, the wrapping, the cleaning, or decorating. Dig down deep and ask yourself if there is ONE thing that could manage to be done by someone else. I promise you won’t regret it.

Treat Yourself

I’m writing this blog at night. Why? Because I’ve told myself that if I get this done tonight, I get to take myself to a yoga class during a work day. And that is true motivation for me.

I am a big believer in rewarding yourself when you are trying to do something hard. We are really good at being too hard on ourselves, and that is so wrong. Rewards that mean something to you are motivating and often well deserved.

Do it. Treat yourself to some time off, a bath, a fun movie, dinner out, or anything that motivates you after you’ve spent a whole night wrapping presents or writing those damn holiday cards.


So… now what?


I dare you. I DARE YOU to cheat on a few of the holiday traditions this year, to save yourself some sanity, sleep and health. It’s something we could all use a little bit more of.


Happy Holidays, dear one!