Get to Know Jamie Cornell

Jamie has spent 17 years working in education, training and development, and is extremely passionate about supporting individuals to become the best they can be. She started her education career in the Peace Corps in 2000, and has continued to grow her skills and experience over the past 16 years. She has designed 2 different training and development programs for organizations, facilitated a variety of leadership and personal effectiveness trainings for teams, and has focused in the leadership development field for the past 7 years.


How Coaching Works with Jamie

From training and educating adults and children in a West African village to sitting with C-suite executives at private, non-profit and governmental agencies—Jamie is skilled at speaking and facilitating to any group from a variety of organizations. She has the unique ability to convey difficult subjects while adding humor to captivate an audience. She is able to build trusting and transparent relationships with everyone she works with.

Jamie often supports teams and individuals that are in a rut—both professionally and personally. She is extremely dedicated to providing frank, transparent communication to all leaders and team members, and feels this serves in helping people get to a high level of personal success and accountability. Working with Jamie involves professional yet personal meetings where you are seen and treated as a valued professional. Jamie’s role is to help you align your communication and behaviors with your ideal outcomes and goals.

The quality that differs her from other motivational public speakers is the ability to bring an infectious energy to every group, person or writing assignment she encounters. Workshop participants and coaching clients have told her that they leave her meetings feeling empowered and inspired.

Jamie travels the US to serve her clients, but makes her home base in Colorado. When she isn’t coaching clients or facilitating team workshops, you will find her supporting her family by chasing her two small children and two large dogs in Lakewood, Colorado.


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