A 4-week, self-guided course focused on helping you make the move into your next job or career. Through weekly videos and action planning exercises, Jamie will guide you through each step of your job transition process. You will leave with a created a defined career action plan, a refined resume and a networking strategy.

This class is designed to be completed over the course of 4 weeks, but you have the freedom to move at your own pace through each of the modules.

Module 1 Self-Exploration and Understanding
Section 1 Self Exploration: Welcome and Overview
Section 2 Work Engagement Checklist
Section 3 Exploring and Understanding Your Strengths
Section 4 Identifying Your Career Values
Module 2 Gaining Clarity and Narrowing Your Options
Section 1 Gaining Clarity Welcome and Overview
Section 2 Defining Your Box
Section 3 Rabbit Hole Exploration FUN!!
Module 3 Nuts and Bolts of Networking
Section 1 Welcome - Networking
Section 2 Starting with Safe Networking
Section 3 Additional Networking Resources
Section 4 Expanding Your Network
Section 5 Fine Tune Your Elevator Pitch
Module 4 Rock Your Resume
Section 1 Welcome - Rock Your Resume
Section 2 Dissecting a Job Posting
Section 3 Avoid These Resume Pitfalls!
Section 4 Resume Updating Tools