Get 6 months of full access to coaching and support with Jamie.

You will also receive monthly reminders each month to book your 6 live-online coaching sessions.

Within the 6 months of coaching support & access, you will receive:

  • Ability to schedule and attend 6 live-online coaching sessions
  • Unlimited 2-minute questions via email/text/phone (if longer than 2-minute response or discussion, it should be saved for a live-online coaching meeting)
  • Accountability and support to help you reach your personal and professional goals


* Please plan accordingly, as this 6-month coaching access window starts from the date of purchase, and will not be open past that time frame. ALL Live-Online coaching sessions will need to be scheduled within the 6-month window; canceled or rescheduled meetings will not extend this time frame.*


Module 1 Welcome & How To Get Started
Section 1 Welcome Video
Section 2 Coaching Contract Quiz
Module 2 Access Your Coaching & Support with Jamie
Section 1 Schedule Your 1st Coaching Meeting
Section 2 Schedule Your 2nd Coaching Meeting
Section 3 Schedule Your 3rd Coaching Meeting
Section 4 Schedule Your 4th Coaching Meeting
Section 5 Schedule Your 5th Coaching Meeting
Section 6 Schedule Your 6th Coaching Meeting
Module 3 Conclusion & Next Steps
Section 1 Thank you & Next Steps