Dive into your profile contents to learn how to immediately apply the information in your profile for better relationships—at work and at home. This self-guided course will provide you with detailed information on how to use your profile in all situations with all interactions.

With this online workshop, you will have access to:

  • 8 of Jamie’s instructional videos and a corresponding handout walking through the DiSC Model to cover in-depth questions, concepts and specific instructions on how to use your profile contents.
  • An action plan outlining how you will use your profile to improve your challenging relationships
Module 1 You & Everything DiSC®
Section 1 Course Intro & Overview Video
Section 2 DiSC Workplace – Improve Relationships Handout
Section 3 What is Everything DiSC®?
Section 4 Understanding Your Everything DiSC® Style
Module 2 Understanding Others with Everything DiSC®
Section 1 Other Styles - Decoded
Section 2 Going Deeper with the Model & Styles
Section 3 How to People Read using Everything DiSC®
Module 3 Improving Your Relationships with Everything DiSC®
Section 1 Maximizing Your Everything DiSC® Profile
Section 2 Closing & Next Steps