Feeling Overwhelmed?
We will help you gain clarity and control so you feel empowered every day.

Why Coaching?

Increase Self-Awareness

Dig deeper into your personality, strengths and triggers to become more effective & influential.

Get Un-Stuck

Gain motivation to launch yourself into the next stage of your life—personal or professional

Improve Your Relationships

Learn to be even more successful with your communication and interactions with coworkers and family members.

Find Clarity

Get clear with what matters most to you and how to create a future that supports your needs and desires.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Have an on-demand partner to challenge, support and hold you accountable to do your homework.

Options for Coaching with Jamie

Live Online Coaching

Jamie is here to help you overcome your challenges, from the convenience of your home or office.

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Live Workshops

Jamie hosts live workshops around the Denver metro area focused on personal & professional development and growth.

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What You Can Accomplish
with Coaching


Understand Your Strengths & Talents

We are all more productive and engaged when we are working within our strengths – both at home and work. Learn how to incorporate yours more into your daily life.

Create a Personal Vision & Mission

With a personal mission statement, you are able to focus and outline what you want for you and your family’s future. Become clear on the principles and standards that will guide you along the way.

Create a Career Change Action Plan

Feeling stuck in your role or organization? Spend time focusing on where you have been, where you are now, and what steps you need to take in order to shift your work life.

Increase Your Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Those individuals with high levels of Self Awareness and EQ out-perform those that have not developed the same abilities. Take your social and personal awareness to the next level.

Become A More Effective Manager & Leader

Understand your leadership gaps and how to challenge yourself and grow into a more influential and inspiring leader within your organization.

Develop Communication & Presentation Skills

Learn more about your communication style, how others perceive you, and how to strategically shift your message to different styles and audiences.

Take Personality & Strengths Assessments

Using Wiley’s Everything DiSC Assessments, TalentSmart’s Emotional Intelligence tools, and/or Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0, understand how to maximize your strengths as well as where you need to grow.

Effectively Manage Your Time & Priorities

Banish the feeling of frantic overwhelm and start strategically planning your days and weeks. Learn how to incorporate simple yet effective habits to change the way you approach and manage your time.