I am here for you—wherever you are right now.

As your coach, I am your advocate and partner. My focus is helping you overcome your current challenges—whether those challenges are with yourself, other people, or a current situation.

As your coach, it is my responsibility to guide you in discovering the right answers and next steps to address your challenges. What are you struggling most with? What are you missing right now?

We will work together to identify and meet those answers head-on with proven tools and strategies. It is my job to empower you with personal development resources and hold you accountable to head in the right direction—now!

If you need to get out of the cycle of overwhelm and rise to the next level, I will get you there.


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Jamie has helped me in so many ways! I started working with Jamie when I needed some help dealing with a challenging person. She was able to help me view the person and the behavior from a different perspective. This person is still challenging, but I am now able to change my reaction which has helped me gain confidence in my ability to handle difficult situations. She is an excellent coach. Jamie also provided a workplace style training for our staff. The training was very useful in helping us to understand each other. I use the information I learned about our staff in my every day interactions with them. Jamie is very skilled at training people and has a gift for presenting material. I highly recommend DIVE LLC.


Why Coaching?

Increase Self-Awareness

Dig deeper into your personality, strengths and triggers to become more effective & influential.

Get Un-Stuck

Gain motivation to launch yourself into the next stage of your life—personal or professional

Improve Your Relationships

Learn to be even more successful with your communication and interactions with coworkers and family members.

Find Clarity

Get clear with what matters most to you and how to create a future that supports your needs and desires.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Have an on-demand partner to challenge, support and hold you accountable to do your homework.

Trying to get started but not sure if you are ready to jump into coaching full throttle?

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