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Your time is constantly demanded, external expectations are unbelievably high, and you are alone at the top—often guiding the direction of entire departments or organizations.

Being an executive or CEO is incredibly exhausting and difficult, especially when you know deep down that you could be doing a better job at it.

My job is to help you identify what it is that would make you feel more successful, and then progressively and strategically help you get there on the job. The answers are within you, but the time, focus and accountability piece is what I can provide you.

I know how valuable your time and energy is, but I also am here to help you know how to maximize it so that you can start to operate at the optimum level that others expect of you.

Why coaching instead of a leadership course? Because coaching is personal. Coaching is 1-on-1. Having me as your coach is having a customized tool and accountability partner in your back pocket.


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Professional Development Outcomes
with Executive Coaching

Become A More Effective Leader

Understand your leadership gaps and how to challenge yourself and grow into a more influential and inspiring leader within your organization.

Understand Your Strengths & Talents

We are all more productive and engaged when we are working within our strengths—both at home and work. Learn how to incorporate yours into your leadership roles.

Increase Your Self Awareness & Emotional Intelligence

Those individuals with high levels of Self Awareness and EQ out-perform those that have not developed the same abilities. Grow your EQ muscles and maximize your team’s performance.

Develop Communication & Presentation Skills

Learn more about your communication style, how others perceive you, and how to strategically shift your message to different styles and audiences.

Effectively Manage Your Time & Priorities

Banish the feeling of frantic overwhelm and start strategically planning your days and weeks. Learn how to incorporate simple yet effective habits to change the way you approach and manage your time.

Why Jamie?

Jamie is dedicated to providing frank, transparent communication to all leaders and team members because she knows that it facilitates people reaching a higher level of personal success and accountability.

Working with Jamie involves professional yet personal meetings where you are seen and treated as a valued professional. Your thoughts and experiences have all shaped who you are and where you are going, and Jamie’s role is to help you align your communication and behaviors with your ideal outcomes and goals.


Tools We Use

Everything DiSC® Management, Productive Conflict, & 363 for Leaders Assessments

TalentSmart 360 Refined Assessment Tool & Online Resources

Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0

Assessments or reviews you have on file to use in our work together

Find Focus and Accountability

See how Executive Coaching can lead you toward greater effectiveness in leadership


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